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Rehabilitation Services

Old Mill Rehabilitation provides comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Our therapists strive to understand your goals, motivate you to reach your full potential, and return you to home and life activities.

Physical Therapy addresses underlying impairments pertaining to mobility in the home and community, with interventions including:

  • Assess balance and re-train balance reactions
  • Promote cardiac and respiratory wellness
  • Assess gait and determine most appropriate assistive device
  • Use modalities for pain and muscle re-education
  • Strengthen and improve motion of the lower extremity and trunk

Occupational Therapy focuses on restoration, compensation and adaptation techniques to return patients to their prior level of function for every day and community activities via:

  • Assess and adapt Activities of Daily Living (dressing, toileting, bathing)
  • Educate & train for use of adaptive equipment
  • Improve upper extremity strength & range of motion
  • Implement community re-integration tasks
  • Use modalities for edema management

Speech Therapy addresses impairments involving speech and swallowing using a variety of treatment approaches and techniques including:

  • Modify diets and implement compensatory swallowing strategies
  • Initiate oral motor exercises
  • Enhance complex problem-solving strategies